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Canadian Jewish News

Canadian Jewish News

The first significant migration of Jews to Canada occurred between the 1840s and 1880's; by 1921, the Jewish population had grown to 126,201, and it continued to grow until 1931, when the government enacted policy to restrict Jewish immigration due to economic reasons and anti-Jewish sentiment. The next major wave of migration came during the years 1947-1952, when 32,000 Jews, many Holocaust survivors, entered Canada. Since the first wave of immigration, Jewish settlement has been concentrated in the large urban centers of Montreal and Toronto, encouraging the development of distinct ethnic communities.

On January 1, 1960, the first issue of the Canadian Jewish News, a weekly English-language newspaper, was published in Toronto by Meyer Joshua and Dorothy Nurenberger. In 1971 it was purchased by members of the Canadian Jewish Congress and since that time it has been reflective of the congress' pro-Zionist views. The newspaper features local Jewish community news and events, national and international news of interest to the Jewish community, including news from Israel, contributions from correspondents in Jewish communities worldwide, editorial pieces, as well as lifestyle, arts, travel, business, sports and health features. As of 2010, it is Canada's largest Jewish weekly newspaper, with a circulation of nearly 50,000. Its news offices are based in Toronto and Montreal. Issues of the Canadian Jewish News dating from January 1, 1960 to December 23, 1993 have been digitized and are made available here.

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