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Canadian India Times

Canadian India Times

Although the older Punjabi community of British Columbia is better known, an influx of post-war Indo-Canadian immigrants to Toronto and other Eastern Canadian cities created a vibrant and diverse South Asian population. In addition to immigrants from all over the Indian sub-continent, significant groups arrived from intermediary locations where South Asians were established minorities for generations, notably Fiji, the Caribbean, and East Africa.

To serve this community the Canadian India Times was published from 1967 to 1981, twice monthly, in Toronto (of which the years 1975-1981 are available here). By choosing to publish in English it avoided limiting its readership to a single linguistic or cultural group within the South Asian community. Its focus on immigration policy, racism and workplace discrimination spoke to all new immigrants. It also covered general news from India, Indo-Canadian achievements, and carefully discussed relations between India and other South Asian countries.

Contributed by Multicultural History Society of Ontario.

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